The fully sustainable luxury clothing brand symbolizing the first FairTrade product. 

By using biodegradable fabrics, a make-to-order production method, 3D-designed garments and virtual fashion shows. We as a brand want to combat overproduction and contribute to a modern and sustainable fashion industry.

Origin story

The clothing brand was founded in 2022 by the Colombian-Dutch Vanessa Stroet. Coffee has always held great significance for her. She grew up in the coffee zone of Colombia, Sevilla Valle. While the men in her family worked as coffee pickers, her grandmother used to work on a coffee farm in her younger years.

With Coffee Clothing, Vanessa wants to realize her dream by representing a fully sustainable initiative while developing comfortable and quality fashion items for men and women.

Her Colombian roots are woven into the details of every piece of clothing. The designs are based on traditional indigenous Pre-Colombian art. The textile colors are produced from biodegradable plant sources. This process has retained the original indigenous tradition.

The first menswear collection is inspired by the principles of abstract telenovela pop art in a contemporary fit.